“A designer knows when they have achieved perfection, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to remove

[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Design] 

It’s as if the empty spaces within each and every creation are trying to take control over the hard matter; bareness craves to become the centrepiece. Volumes and mass exist only because of the surrounding emptiness.  The victory of protrusions, recesses and shadows reinterprets the spaces and objects of everyday life. It’s this obsession with the only element that man fails to control, the anguish felt when time passes us by. 

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been afraid of this phenomenon but by combatting this anxiety we have transformed fear into a pool of creativity.

Stefano Navone Designer

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Congratulations on your creations. I stumbled upon your site and I was thrilled with the style of your clocks.

Alberto Marino

Reggio Calabria

We believe in an essential design that adds value to the object to which it is applied


I bought your GR8 from a store in Milan. It was love at first sight! When I first saw it hanging on the wall I told myself “That has to be mine”! Great!

Marta Sansoni

Segrate – MI


I bought the Balance Clock off your Website as a gift to my partner to celebrate the opening of his new office. When the package arrived home it had an immediate “WOW” effect…  The packaging was beautiful and the clock marvellous…  Thank you!  I’ll definitely be buying one of these for my house.

Sabrina Nucera


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